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Pixler 1st Generation Backpack
Roderick Wright (Detroit, US)
A must buy

The pixler bag is a great invest for any business to help promote their business. You are your own walking billboard to grab attention when you are out walking and people will stop you and ask you questions about your business.
So do invest in a pixler bag you will be so happy you did.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack-(Red)
Paul Fletcher (Baton Rouge, US)
Very easy to set up and use- took just a few minutes

Very impressed with how easy it was to set up and use. It holds plenty of pictures that I upload straight from my phone to the app. The Screen is nice and bright and visible from a good distance away.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack
Jonathan Copeland (Tampa, US)
Pixler Bag Review

The pixler bag is great! I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a unique way to promote their business. It gets a ton of attension every time I wear it.

Great!! Sending clients your way

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack
Roderick D Wright (Farmington Hills, US)
A good investment for your business

I would highly recommend getting a pixler bag for your business to help promote your business when you are out walking around.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack
Mike Dulcio (Immokalee, US)
Pixler bag play

Definite attention grabber! Love the bag!!!

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack
Ron Watson (Cordova, US)

The Pixler Bag is a definite game changer for a small businessman like myself! I cannot wait to see what the next gen version evolves to! 🥂💯

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack
Maker (Hockessin, US)

This bag is perfect to advertise our business. We have become our very own walking billboard.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack-(Brown)
Kenneth Davis (Chicago, US)
Conversation starter

This was a great conversation piece at a party while promoting my business.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack-(Brown)
Joseph Jackson (Dallas, US)
Top tier!

I love this bag man. The technology is amazing but it looks amazing! I have gotten so many compliments.

Nice bag billboard bag I can’t wait till we can play music on here and view clear photos

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack-(Red)
Lamar Moore (Jacksonville, US)
La'Moore Media Versatility, LLC just Got BETTER!!!!!

This was a perfect addition to our business for marketing and promotion. It definitely draws attention when I'm out and about. This was a perfect idea, and I would recommend this to small business owners.

I am very pleased with the quality of the bag, and the standard delivery time was incredibly fast. However I believe the app could be updated for a better user experience. and I would like USB-C ports added to the bag.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack
Jason Vega (Phoenix, US)
It getting the job done

So far it’s getting the job done however when your company decides to put one out with music and are able to hear the music display the artist very clear pics of the album covers I would love to be one of the first ones get one as soon as I got the bag I started to display our artist names people were captivated by the bag that I purchased big SHOUT OUT to SEYE VANDI

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack-(Red)
Kevin Thomas (Jacksonville, US)

Great for promoting brand. YouTube video placeholder

Outstanding Product
If you want to stand out, Be Heard and seen, this is the bag for you.
It's never a dull moment when this Bag is Lit up with your custom display looping around on it.
Have fun, make a statement and wait for the m Magic to happen👊🏿

Love it good looking

So I’m a DJ in a decent touristy city and this my Pixler Bag has been a blast to have. I’ve only had it for a few day but people definitely ask about it. Let’s see how the affiliate program works out.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack-(Black)
jeff pearson (Denver, US)
Well made bag

Seems to be a well-made bag. The graphics are awesome. I would definitely buy it again.

Pixler 1st Generation Backpack-(Black)
customer 4 life

works as advertised

game changer for my business

I've been using the Pixler OG bag for a few months now and it's held up great. It's convenient and the promotional aspect has been a game changer for my business.

It fits everything

The Pixler bag has been a lifesaver for my daily commute. It fits everything I need and more. 10/10 would recommend."

Thank you Pixler

"I recently purchased the Pixler bag for my son who is a high school student. He loves the bag and has received numerous compliments on it. The walking billboard feature is a great way for him to show off his personal style and interests. The bag is also very durable and has plenty of space for all of his essentials. Thank you Pixler for such a great product. -

The backpack is professional and stylish

I recently purchased Thepixlerbag for a business trip and it was the perfect choice! The backpack is professional and stylish, and the smart features allowed me to display my company's logo and information while on the go. I will definitely be purchasing more of these bags in the future. Thank you, Thepixlerbag!

Daily commute to work

I recently purchased the Pixler bag for my daily commute to work and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The bag is stylish, comfortable, and has plenty of space for all of my work essentials. The walking billboard feature is a unique and innovative touch that has already garnered attention from my coworkers. Thank you Pixler for such a great product. - Emily"